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Best 4 Things to Do in Thailand

The Grand Palace

The royal residence at one time was the ruler’s home just as where the legislature of Thailand completed their work.

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The Sky Train

There is just a single method to get around Bangkok at any speed while keeping cool and that is to hop on board one of the sky trains.

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Chatuchak Market

On the off chance that you like shopping you have to look at this spot, that you despise shopping you have to give this spot a wide compartment.

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The Chao Phraya River

A few people allude to Bangkok as the ‘Venice of the East’ this is because of the Chai Phraya River coursing through Bangkok and the majority of the little channels that feed off of it.

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Lopburi is most popular among tourists for its somewhat huge populace of monkeys that are living in Prang Sam Yod.

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