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Visit to Vietnam and meet Miss Earth 2

Visit to Vietnam
Beautiful Myanmar

Despite more than 40 years of history, when they consider Vietnam, many people around the world still capture the image of war.
Vietnamese Miss

But the common feeling of the Vietnamese is that although they are proud of their own struggle for independence, they prefer to prosper in peace. This lasting optimism is just one of the many reasons we love them.
Vietnamese Miss
The professional hides it through a two-hour lunch, and the worker simply hangs the hammock on the tree or lies anywhere where the shadow can be found. Vietnamese people like to take a nap.

Visit to Vietnam
If it’s too hot outside, or if it rains like crazy, go back and take a nap.
When foreigners make innocent mistakes, the Vietnamese will forgive them.

Beauty in Beach
Beautiful Miss Earth

If you put on shoes after walking at the door, the Vietnamese will not be angry.

Visit to Vietnam
If you misread their names, then that’s fine. If you make a wrong turn and accidentally cut off some people on your motorcycle, then no one will bother you. In Vietnam, small things can always be forgiven.

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